Monday, January 2, 2012

official resolution list

for 2012...

be creative: take my camera everywhere! continue to be open-minded to breaking rules and thinking outside of the box.

be more economical: save money and pay off car, start putting money away each month towards a house, and think twice about buying things i think i "need".

be smart: read all the books that i've started and haven't finished (life of pi, breakfast at tiffany's, water for elephants, the help).

be in-love: love myself as much as i love others and treat myself as i do others.

be more decisive: be more confident in my choices and seek less approval. i'm bound to make mistakes, but better my mistakes than someone else's.

be active: do yoga at least 3 times a week and walk whenever possible instead of driving.

be a visitor: continue traveling and go to places i've been longing to visit - vancouver, japan, paris, london...

be beautiful: more heels, less sandals; more dresses, skirts and pants, less jeans. keep my nails polished, my hair done and keep skin perfumed and moisturized. when i feel pretty, life seems a little easier.

be rough: find more comfort in the uncomfortable (mind, body and soul)

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