hi. i'm chelsea. nice to meet you and hello again to my friends.

i'm a twenty-something native SoCal girl who loves the sun and searches for beauty in the everyday. i am a busy, type-a, to-do listin' account manager at a creative advertising agency in santa monica by day, and a blogger//photographer by night (and weekends).

i live in santa monica, ca with my amazing boyfriend. i enjoy the feeling of being in love, design [anything], soy lattes, sun dresses, farmer's markets, walking, writing, arts and crafts, cooking, chocolate, photography, blogging, my alone time and traveling. 

if you know me well you know that i'm pretty shy, incredibly young-hearted, very loyal, a helpless romantic, and a dreamer.

i keep this blog to remember the little things...

i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy creating it.