Monday, August 13, 2012

the sea.port

taylor and i took our annual trip up north for our favorite music festival, pickathon. we decided to make it a week long vacation this year spent a few days in seattle and spend the rest of the week in portland. this was the first time i experienced seattle in the summertime and fell even more in love. 

we finally got to stay at the ace hotel in both seattle and portland!! I've always wanted to stay at the hip hotel and it was everything i imagined and more - revolving walls, glass encased showers... 

we ate amazing food and had fun wondering the two cities by foot - just the two of us.  its been a week now since we've been back in l.a. and there hasn't been a day since our return that i haven't reminisced about this amazing trip. would you believe me if i told you i started crying (no joke) on our flight back to l.a.? this trip was rejuvenating in every which way - mind, body and soul.  ive never felt more at home than when i'm up north.

until next time ...

i leave with with some new found music (see below)

Pickathon by chelsea on Grooveshark

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