Friday, January 17, 2014

one day older. one day wiser.

Today marks the start of my 28th year of life. Every year I take out my imaginary "getting older" to-do list to check off boxes and write in new ones--yes I'm a OCD planner and I'm not one bit sorry about it! Having a birthday so close to New Year's Day is like killing two birds with one stone. I get a 2 week extension on "resolutions". ;)

On January 17th I ask myself if I'm getting somewhere, am I making progress.. overall, am I happy? The answer is yes to all of the above. In many ways I feel "ahead" of schedule, clear and heading in the right direction; but there are definite areas in my life that I'm confused about and feel as though they're going at a snail's pace--and that's ok! [sometimes]. I get that everything can't be perfect. Life wouldn't be exciting without some twists and turns, and unforeseen surprises (be them good or bad, or a mixture of both!)

I know I'm still young (right?), but with an end to my 20s [somewhat] in sight, I can't help but feel kind of old! I mean when I think about my worries today, they're pretty damn grown up. 

But, luckily I'm young enough to still dream big. Today is not a mark of another day gone by, but my youth. Taylor took a photo of me this morning and as I stare back at that me, I realize this photo does not mark an age, but a time. I have so much life ahead of me. In many ways it's only just beginning, or at least a start to a new chapter--I'll title it, "Ok so I'm a grown up, now what?". 

I have only a few things to add to my "getting older" list this year.  I [hope] to be better about living in the moment. Embrace feeling [really] confused sometimes. Embrace moments of clarity. Embrace the happy times as well as the sad.  Embrace my imperfections and faults, as well as embrace my talents. I also want to live life as I please without fear of judgement. Now, I'm not going to go out and be wild & reckless, but more this: I'm going to be better about speaking up when I feel strongly about something, asking for what want (without fear of rejection), take a "#selfie" if I damn well please, cry if I need to, laugh when I want to, and just let things come as they will. 

I'm feeling good about this year. It's going to be a good one.

Here's to seizing the moment. Happy Birthday to me!

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  1. You're perfect. Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I love you to pieces. Here's to getting older, wiser and more sexy than ever!