Tuesday, March 4, 2014

count thy many blessings..

today, i am blessed because i have..

• flaws that make me perfectly, imperfect
• a capable mind
• people who don't like me to keep me humbled
• an acute sense of taste so i can experience the epicurean wonders of life
• two eyes that can see
• two feet that allow me to walk, run, jump..
• two ears to hear the simplest of details
• friends who are there to pick me up when im down, and share a laugh when i'm happy
• 2 parents that adore me
• a family who wants to best for each other
• a boyfriend who i grow in love with (instead of fall in love)
• a little dog who brings me joy from the moment i wake up, until i lay for the night
• experiences that i have grown from
• people in my life who are truly good listeners
• many mentors whom i trust
• monetary savings for a brighter future
• intuition
• my overall health
• traveled and met fascinating people who will be in my life forever
• experienced true sadness, true joy and true love
• the ability to see the best out of any situation
• a job from which i grow from everyday
• the ability to just sit and feel my feelings
• a computer, for which i can express these thoughts

..and most of all -- because i have FAITH in a greater good

in the end, the people who believe, win; the skeptics always lose. its best to count our MANY blessings on days we lose sight of this.

what are you blessed for, today?

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