Sunday, September 18, 2011

the bridesmaid proposal

friday night seven of us girls  gathered for a lovely lady date,
hosted by my dear friend rachel

she cooked us up a mexican feast (all gluten-free, because she's gluten free)
 and boy did we induldge!

just before dinner was served, rachel surprised us
with small gift bags and proposed,
asking us 6 girls if we'd be her braidesmaids
we cried, we laughed, we did the...
"oh my gosh we're so old"
we were all giddy on wedding plans, dresses, bachelorette parties
but overall, we were happy to celebrate our closest friend
rachel and her fiance, nate.

rachel is my oldest friend
our moms were friends long before we were born
she was the only house i'd sleep at as a kid
my first best friend,
but more than that, she's like the sister i never had...
i am honored to share this beautiful time in rachel's life
and to add this to our long list of stories to tell
most of all, i look forward for all that is to come for her, for all of us, for life!

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