Thursday, December 8, 2011

creativity and omelets!

its been a while since a breakfast post
and its been even longer a while since waffle or french toast post
tay and i have been good little beans (yeah i just made that up so don't google it)
and have cut back on the carb overload breakfasts
although they're soooo good, a little holiday break will do us good
so we can enjoy all the other winter treats instead!
so lately breakfasts consist of oatmeal, or omelets, or yogurt and fruit
and not that any of that is boring
it can be just as fun and creative as french toast or waffles!
we recently met a dear friend, kale
and have been on a kale kick ever since
our favorite breakfast at the moment is a 2 egg omelet with 
black trumpet and baby shiitake mushrooms, kale, scallions and queso fresca cheese 
with some fresh squeezed o.j. to compliment (all from the farmers market, of course) 
.... and cholula 

what is your favorite omelet combo?

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