Thursday, April 5, 2012

blue bottle

a little blue bottle lovin..
..or rather, obsession!
i'm dedicating a whole post to my beloved s.f. coffee spot

one of the first things i do once i get to s.f. 
is stop by blue bottle just up the street from the hotel taylor and i usually stay at in union square.
the coffee is divine, the interior classic and modern, the food is out of this world!
its my favorite spot to lounge for an hour on an s.f. morning
and that we did!
(and apparently ellen page's favorite, as i was standing right behind her in line!)

my brother and i enjoyed a soy latte... me with an (s) after latte ;)
and taylor a kyoto coffee
which is the strongest coffee i've ever tasted
its like drinking whiskey - you get a total buzz from it!
fun fact:
 blue bottle imported a handblown kyoto coffee maker from japan
its cold brewed coffee with a high concentration of caffeine 
(enough to keep you caffeinated for a whole day!)
aaand it takes 24 hours to make!
this time around i took a little blue bottle home with me 
so that i can enjoy and reminisce over one of my favorite cities
until next time!

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