Saturday, May 5, 2012

birthday sailing

today was tay and my day to celebrate his birthday
sooo i planned a lovely day for the two of us
a "stay-cation" if you will...
we started at the tasting kitchen on abbot kinney for a well-awaited brunch
i booked the reservation a month in advance (yes a month!) because i heard it was hard to get one...
(i may have been a lil overly cautions?)

anyhoo - it was hands down the best brunch in LA.. or at least the best brunch we've had
.... and we've hand plenty
we ordered the ricotta muffin to start
(warm muffin with blueberry and ricotta in the middle served with a smear of butter and jam)

and the savory waffles and tomato braised egg polenta as entrees
(and mimosas and this cucumber//mint soda drink)
we were beyond full but couldnt stop eating
it was just soo good!
i'm already thinking of the next "occassion" as an excuse to go back.
i'm thinking a weekend morning is a good one, really...

we walked around abbot kinney for a bit in the 72 degree, not a cloud in the sky kind of weather
to burn off the bajillion calories we had just consumed
and then headed out for our sailing lesson//cruise around marina del rey.
this was no sit back and let the captain take over while we lay out
nope - we were all hands on deck (no pun intended)
pulling jibs, stearing, tightening wenches, luffing main sails...
(i still dont really know all that means...)
but it was so fun!

taylor was clearly the star student.
but thats not saying much given i was more concerned with getting great pictures
and soaking up the sun

 this crazy exciting and overwhelming week has culminated into the perfect weekend
i'm loving the spring and looking forward to the summer.
happy 26th birthday my dear
now on to a big barbeque tomorrow with family and friends!!!
happy day!

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