Monday, October 24, 2011

book club beauties

happy monday!
i hope your weekend was full and wonderful

sunday night was a book club night with the 10 book club beauties
we devoured every sweet you could imagine
carmel apples, mummy hot dogs, brown butter rice krispy treats, cupcakes, redrum cake, artichoke dip, spinach dip, crostini's, donuts, whipped cream vodka punch... am i missing anything?
it was a fun-filled night with lots of laughs
we discussed the shining
and agreed that the film didn't do the book any justice
and quite frankly, we were all kinda pissed about it
if we could do it all over
we'd suggest an HBO mini series (because there is no way to do the shining in less than 6 hrs)
 and would cast either johnny depp, ryan gosling, or leonardo dicaprio as jack
and really anyone besides shelley duvall would be a better wendy
next up "Sabrina"
a light hearted love story for the the holidays...

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