Friday, October 21, 2011

flea market extravaganza

so of course i spend hours on blogs
bookmarking diy projects, "pinning" ideas to my pinterest boardds
and here i was, at a flea market, the crafters paradise
and i left with no vintage crates, mason jars, pens, old papers...
well except for a copy of the shining on dvd for $4
(just finished reading the book for my book club)
for some reason, i blanked on what i needed and wanted....

aside from the fact my hands were "tchotchkes" free
taylor and i had a fun time at the long beach flea market
i ran into a dear friend, april
and a dear coworker, maddie
and soaked up the socal sun

i caught a few good silly pictures of taylor at a vendor sunglass vendor

thought about adding to our typewriter collection...
(we already have 3!)

found that good ol' library card catalog
that i've so badly wanted for the past gawd knows how long...

and stood by as taylor spent time looking at hand tools
from a vintage tool vendor

all in all it was fun but i could kick myself for not getting any knick knacks
as soon as i came home i suddenly remembered all the projects i wanted to do
next time i will be more prepared
with a list!
christmas is just 10 weeks away and i need to get on making some gifts before its too late

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