Thursday, October 6, 2011


lately i've been feeling inspired to pursue my photography a few steps further
i believe i was meant to create, but my insecurities have always gotten in the way
ive always believed that other people's work was better than mine - that in some ways my art was subpar
so i put off a lot of things that i wanted to do, or did them secretly...
like writing, or drawing, or expressing my interests in design in fear everyone else would disagree

but with my career in creative advertising...
ive had to write copy for movie posters that the whole coutnry could potentially see, 
give crits and feedback on creative designs
 and its forced me to break out of my shell a bit.
but when it comes to my personal work, i'm still lacking.

so to get started on an early new years resolution, i'm going to do what i love
whether anyone likes it or not; whether i like it or not...

im a few months shy of 25 years old and its time to put on my grown up pants and go for it!
i have a few generous friends who are going to teach me what they know
how lucky am i to work in a building full of art directors and photographers
and above all, a boyfriend that is incredibly creative himself
who has taught me to believe in myself
and that there is skill, and then there is passion
and with passion comes the skill and confidence.

here are a few photos that inspire me...
i love the mood, the lighting...
for now, i am gathering ideas and putting them in a safe place
in a folder just for me on my desktop... and my pinterest ;)

i would like to try and share with you each week a tid-bit of what inspires me
in hopes that in finding my way
i can help someone find their way too
xx, chelsea

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  1. That is awesome Chelsea! You are an amazing talented person. Go for it. Dont do it for anyone but yourself. I love you and cant wait!