Tuesday, November 8, 2011

cooking from the boy

taylor has really been on one lately
and i ain't complaining!
last week i came home to a cooked meal, 
him sitting at the table with two plates covered, 
waiting for me to come home so we can eat together
and a load of laundry done.

yesterday i had a long day and was starving and exhausted
and so i came home to a firing grill
and the smell of roasted asparagus in the oven (our favorite!)
the boy was making me dinner!

it was a sweet gesture and the meal was terrific
we laughed some good laughs and drank some good wine
 here are a few good quotes from the night

"mmm, i can taste the sea in the salt!" (taylor, in reference to the sea salt)
"it tastes like a film noir in my mouth" (taylor, in reference to the wine)

this is reason number 125,129,104 why i love him so much

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