Tuesday, November 29, 2011

lacma date

one of the many things taylor and i did over the past long, thanksgiving weekend
was check out the "living in a modern way" exhibit at the 
los angeles county museum of art
the exhibit featured furniture, architecture, and the like from california designers from 1930-1965
we had a ton of fun and both left feeling inspired
we also perused all the other art rooms at lacma
ran thru the richard serra sculptures, renzo piano's newest building,
admired picassos work, eames's flawless designs, le corbusier's innovations,
 and were put in a transe by the handful of rothko paintings

ah what a lovely long weekend it was
im looking forward a little christmas and new year's break
and then off to europe we go...
boy do i love this time of year!

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  1. Maria and I went to that exhibit, too! so amazing. i really want to live in the Eames house.