Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday waterplay

sunday rainy days are meant for
laying in bed late with the boyfriend, listening to pandora's "jazz holiday station",
watching three season's of arrested development, market runs, hot chocolate;
folding warm, "out-of-the-dryer" laundry (while molly lies on top), tidying up the apartment,
arts and crafts!
i had a grand idea of making homemade holiday cards for friends and family
and spent part of my saturday morning perusing blick
holding myself back from buying everything
anyhoo, i went with watercolor paints, but didn't quite realize how difficult watercolor painting is!
the cards may look ameture, but i can tell you one thing...
i had a lot of fun making them!
and thats all that matters, right?
taylor even made one while channeling rothko
is it silly that i want to pin up our artwork on the fridge?
okay maybe it is...
hope you had a happy weekend!

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