Friday, February 10, 2012

beach and the city

similar to los angeles, barcelona has the beach and the city-vibe going for itself
you can be in the city center one min, and the beach 10 mins later
all in walking distance
i admired the barcelona alleys,
the old buildings and the simple details
i love how the reflection of the blue sky
reflected so remarkably in the windows of each building.
i have hundreds of barcelona alleyway photos, but don't want to flood you with too many...

 our hotel was in the marina
we had a delicious paella (barcelona's signature dish)
with a bottle of galician wine, some appetizers, and ending with desserts (on the house!)
all should know that my new preferred poison is alberiño, thanks to our tapas tour guide
it is the best, best, best wine.
i can ramble on how much i love it, but just do yourselves a favor and try it out
it wont disappoint.

side note: in barcelona, lunch is their biggest meal, you have appetizers, a main dish, dessert and coffee. lunch lasts forever, which doesnt bother me a bit! the more time to finish a bottle of wine, the better!

which leads me to another side a sub-side note: its hard to find a glass of wine in barcelona, everyone serves bottles, so each day taylor and i split a bottle of wine and had the rest of the day to wander the city in drunken merriment and bliss (no wonder i loved barcelona so much!)

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