Thursday, February 9, 2012

good food, good wine, good city

barcelona is land of good food, tapas, chocolate ("xocolate"), wine...
everyday that we woke up i was excited to what amazing foods were were going to eat
i'd say the best thing we did was take a tapas tour
with a local food journalist
she walked us around the city for 5 hours
explaining the history, the foods...

our favorite stop was a tiny little cheese shop were we enjoyed some fine spanish cheese and wine
we had a bunch of foods that i thought i didnt like 
(anchovies, squid, jamon...)
but little did i know, i just wasn't having the good stuff!
we finished off with some famous spanish cocoa treats and champagne that kissed our tongues

this is the night i fell in love with barcelona
and it will forever have a piece of my heart.

 spanish goat cheese (i wish could remember the name and region!)
 padron peppers
tomato, capers and onion
fried anchovies
chocolate-y goodness lollypops
chocolate pastries galore!
meat shop
all sooorts of goodies shop

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  1. Heavenly good sweets, anothers temptations in Barcelona