Friday, February 3, 2012

the sagrada familia barcelona

ah barcelona,
you will always have a piece of my heart
here i re-fell in love - with life, with food, with taylor, with everything

i had the best birthday to date
with a trip to the sagrada familia
i went camera crazy in gaudi's masterpiece
everything was so picture-esque.

we stayed a long while the the sagrada
we were lucky to have gone during off peak season
so we weren't surrounded by other tourists
taylor did a sketch of the interior and exterior 
(you can see his sketches here & here on his tumblr)
and i took lots of pictures
because the sagrada is built of all stone, concrete, etc
it was about 10 degrees cooler in side than outside
 i was shivering in my boots
but it was well worth the stay
to see more photos from barcelona,
please visit my flickr page! 

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