Monday, February 27, 2012

feeling the love today

i'm sure everyone who is in love feels they are the luckiest gal/guy in the world. so what is it about my relationship that is so different? what is it that we share that is extra special? perhaps theres no difference, but to me its something exceptional. its the way he always holds my hand while hes driving, its the way he looks at me; its the way he takes things slow; the made-up language that we've formed; the way he calls me "dah-ling"; the way he always texts me to let me know he's working late; the way he loves scotch and chocolate; its the way he does, instead of says.. the love that we both share for traveling; the way he supports my hobbies (even those that are short lived); its how talented and confident he is; its the way he listens when i'm sad; the way he never yells or responds negatively; the way he helps me pay for things when he knows I'm struggling just to relieve some stress; its the trust; its the way he always says "i love you" and "good-night" before falling asleep; its the way we laugh; the home we've made together; the way he always makes me feel safe...

the list never ends. he is perfect, perfect for me. there is no other guy on this planet that could ever live up to his standard. yes, i am a lucky gal and he is a lucky guy. we are two lucky ones to have what we share.

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