Friday, May 27, 2011

never too old.

my mom graduated from her master's program yesterday at CSUN college
i'm very proud of her.
this program was tough, and the whole family felt it the past 2 years.
but she did it and now has a little more job security as a LAUSD teacher.

this lady has gone through a lot of tribe and tribulation...
she has been laid off twice in the 2 past years, with long hopeful summers of a job opening in the fall (which she got both years)
she commuted from the sf valley to downtown los angeles to teach, while going to school full-time at night, her father died (by grandfather), her son went through some lows (my brother), took care of her mother (my grandma), sponsored young women in AA and spoke around the country, and she still had time to be a super-mom.

she's 51 years old and has accomplished more than you could imagine.
for anyone that says they "can't do it" let my mom be your motivation.

...and not to mention she graduated summa cum laude with a $5K scholarship and a special honor award.

go mom! you are my hero.

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