Friday, May 13, 2011

time to shape up.

the past months has been a splurge...

i've indulged in almost everything imaginable - food, shopping, retail, staying up past my bedtime every night!

it has been fun, but i'm starting to feel a little out of control. when i'm boundary-less i start to get depressed; like a spoiled child on christmas day, who ends up crying because of all the attention and presents. yeah, that would be me right now.

i've been at the new place for a month now so the excuses have to end. i need to get back into my routine. i've been really uphappy with my weight lately and summer is no longer around the corner, its here! i need to get back at the gym and start eating healthier. i started this morning by pre-setting my alarm to go off every monday, tuesday and thursday morning for gym-time. taylor is going to do it with me!

i also need to get back into saving money. though there are more things to do and buy for the apartment, slowly but surely has to be the method. i haven't put any money away this past month and thats a big no-no in my book.

so here's to a new, happier me.

happy friday everyone... careful its friday the 13th!

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