Wednesday, May 25, 2011

its hump day.

the salad turned out great!
it may not look exactly like the picture in the book, but it was just as good, i'm sure.

and that's right folks, those are our new painted walls in the background (+ our new beautiful walnut table!) more (better) pictures to come of our "work in progress" kitchen.
i must apologize for my recent photographs - they've all been from my iPhone. i've been very bad and haven't been taking my camera everywhere, but i will be sure to lug it around my neck this weekend.

yes, i already have the weekend on my mind.
1) i'm excited its a 3-day one!
2) facial this saturday with taylor's momma
3) reggae festival at UCLA on sunday

i'm sure there will be more fun planned as the weekend gets closer, but these 3 are reason enough to keep me excited!


p.s. leave a comment or email me for the salad recipe if you're interested!

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