Monday, May 16, 2011

lets eat!

taylor has just about finished our new dining table and i couldn't be more excited.

its a beautiful 6ft x 2.5ft piece of dark walnut with a steel metal base.

i'm absolutely in love and it fits wonderfully in our lovely kitchen.

he has about 4 more coats of oil to put on it and it should be good to go. we're thinking about getting 4 bertoia wire chairs, or perahps 2 and a bench?

i think taylor's stuff is pretty awesome. he not only designs everything, but he builds it all with his own 2 hands. i do get a some-what of a say in the design process... and i have to help carry stuff -_-

but in all, from the sketching stage to the finished product,
its all 100% taylor-made!

i'm really lucky to have such a handy-man. i think his next project in the works will be a credenza with a typewriter table attached for our living room

hope you all enjoy as much as i do! i can't wait 'til we get to sit down for our first meal. I think, too, i'm going to get a beautiful set of flowers to go in the center.

...happy monday!


  1. Sweet desk! No wonder you liked my paint cans. ;-) I also used to have a business on Wilshire Blvd just down the street from Frank Gerry's house where you bought that black chair. Small world! Have a margarita at Lula's by the beach on Main St for me. That's what I miss most from LA.

  2. Another thought... When I work with raw steel, if there's no rust and I want it to stay in it's original state, I'll clean it real well and spray on a few coats of polyurethane. It gives it a slightly more finished look without hiding the raw beauty and prevents rusting. If rust is what I want or already have, once it's in the condition I want I'll coat it with Penetrol and top that with oil based polyurethane. The penetrol is a paint additive similar to linseed oil with rust converters and hardeners added. It will freeze the rust without changing it's look other than darkening it a bit and can be top coated with the poly for a better finish.

  3. Thanks for the insight BJ. I share this with my boyfriend and he found it really interesting and is going to try it out. I should have more pictures of the completed table and kitchen soon. Stay tuned, I'd love to show it to you!

    I will definitely grab a Margherita in your honor this weekend at LuLu's! I LOVE that place, yummy tamales. Good luck to you and your wife on your new home in Vermont! I look forward to reading more updates