Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hooky for errands.

i played hooky from work today to run a ton of errands, and boy did i!

first i went out to burbank for my eye exam, went to the west valley to order two new tires for my mini, came back to santa monica for a couple other appointments, window shopped on montana ave., got coffee at my favorite coffee shop (cafe luxxe), went to whole foods to pick up a few things (including isabella's chocolate-chip, banana cookies), washed our bedsheets, accidentally fell asleep for twenty minutes in the midst of playing "words with friends" (which i was totally dominating!), woke up and cooked chicken enchiladas for tay and me (mmMmMm they were YUMMY!), now blogging, and soon to be running off to the gym to end the day!


today was productive, to say the least. it was a treat to run all around this city on this beautiful Tuesday, even if dealing with all the traffic for a day.

It was a morning of rain, an afternoon of sun, and an evening of cloudy weather

oh and i can't forget the best part of the day...

i got the best mini spot and was able to avoid an $11 parking fee!

...another reason why i love my mini


  1. Chels! What is your enchilada recipe? They look delicious!

    xo Hailey

  2. ooh they were so yummy and so so easy

    - frontera's "classic red chili enchilada sauce. (i usually get it from whole foods but they probably sell it at other markets too)
    -8 corn tortillas
    -monterey jack cheese
    -chicken, about 3 pieces (i prefer thighs because dark meat is usually more flavorful)
    -1 sliced avocado
    -chopped cilantro

    boil the chicken in water until it is cooked thoroughly. drain out the water at let it sit for a min. with 2 forks, shred apart the chicken as thinly as you can. add a little of the frontera sauce and let that sit while you prepare everything else.

    lightly oil the 8 corn tortillas and place them in the oven for about 3 mins at 300° to soften them up.

    pour about 1/3 of the frontera enchilada sauce on the bottom of a 9x9 pyrex. once the tortillas are done, place a small spoonful of sauce, monterey cheese and the shredded chicken and wrap tightly. continue doing this until all tortillas are wrapped.

    if there is any left over chicken place it on top of the enchiladas. pour the rest of the enchilada sauce on top along with a huge handful of the left over monterey cheese.

    place in the oven at 400° for about 15-20 mins. drizzle the chopped cilantro and cut avocado on top

    ..and wallah! you have YUMMY enchiladas!