Sunday, May 8, 2011

something old, something new, something borrowed, something used.

vintage seems to be taking over barry!

the weekend was spent driving around looking at good ol' 1930-1950s treasures. i bought a typewriter yesterday and i'm in love! its 1930s quiet de luxe that i bought it from a lady in eagle rock who restores them (among other things) for a living. its beautiful and works like a charm; but believe it or not, our grandparents' closets proved to be the best place rummage..

it was a "vintage mom's day".. i spent the morning with my grandma going through her drawers and closets, and taylor spent the evening doing the same with his grandma. we lucked out with a lot of cool stuff - taylor, his grandfather's typewriter, an old chess set, me an old english, leather briefcase. we scavenged up some other gems like an brownie camera, a mason jar of shabby pens, some tattered books, and i brushed off some of my grandfather's flight logs from the war (courtesy of Linda-ma).

i'm really loving our new home. i was telling taylor last night, i feel more at home at our little apartment than i do at my parents' house in the valley. this is our life, and it's been damn fun so far.

taylor is continuing to build our furniture, so we still don't have much; a couch, a bed.. the basics. but hey! we got some cool vintage trinkets!

taylor said it best, "we have 2 typewriters, a brownie, but no chairs..."

happy monday, friends!

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