Thursday, May 5, 2011

wish list.

Lately, all I've wanted to do is shop!.. + if you know me, you know i'm very frugal, BUT SMART, with my money.

I've definitely been splurging, but hey, thats okay every once 'n a while right? thats why we work (??)

I have been compiling quite a wish-list.

I'm going to try some self-discipline + wait awhile until i have some more funds to splurge again.

Here are some:

"Runaway Tote" by R&Em

"Eyes of Mars" Flats by Seychelles

"Romance Boots" by Seychelles
...and here they are on Keiko Lynn

I like these - they're Seychelle's, i believe, but i don't know the name of them..

I really dig this look, i bet i could find high socks at urban outfitters, or free people (my fave store! that i can't afford -_-)

There were two other things on my wish list - sunglasses + a dress, but I bought them, so i no longer have to wish for them. They should be here soon; i'll post to show you all :)

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