Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bbq date and famous furniture

last night taylor and i had a little bbq date after work
we were hoping to bbq monday night, but we both got home too late from work
taylor did most of the work.. the grilled portobello mushrooms and steak
i prepared and cooked the padron peppers
and molly ran around the two of us, not really helping at all, but being cute as usual
all of this fun stuff was from the sunday farmers market
padron pepper recipe (via leila):
coat peppers with coarse salt and pepper
drizzle with olive oil
saute in a skillet while stirring for about 5 minutes
(leila suggests using a cast iron skillet and baking for a few minutes, but unfortunately i don't have one!)

afterwards, we drove out to the hollywood hills for taylor to pick up his beloved, new, cassina authentic
yes my friends, he found one at a good price
and he's so excited about it
when he got home, he put it in our room (still figuring out where it will officially go), 
poured a glass of scotch and relaxed in his button up shirt and boxers
this morning when we woke up i said, "hey tay, whats that thing on the other side of the room?"
he smiled a big grin and said in his italian accent, "ya know?"

this morning he was running late to work
and i caught him laying in it and staring out the window!
oh boys and their toys

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