Monday, August 1, 2011

weekend in lake arrowhead

hi friends
sorry i haven't been around here much in the past days
taylor and i spent a much needed mini-vacation in lake arrowhead for the weekend
his aunt and uncle have a big cabin on the lake and were so kind to let us stay with them
we spent some time on the boat, enjoying the beautiful weather and warm lake
we relaxed, a lot.. (i haven't slept in until 10am since i can remember!) and got to wonder the village.

taylor and his uncle stayed up late saturday night drinking a bottle of spanish wine (after a few margaritas and beers). so, i stay up with taylor nursing him back to "soberness" as he didn't feel good.  
silly guy!

but we had a blast
and feel a little more restored this monday after a long, crazy work week

...and molly!
she absolutely loved arrowhead.
she got to go on the boat, run around the pines...
she was in heaven
...except when we took her out water skiing, she was not havin' the fast ride on the lake. 
she curled up between me and tay and looked at us with a face that said "are you serious?"

here are some pictures from the trip
sorry there are so many, but lets say this makes up for missing the past few days :)

for more pictures of the weekend, check out my facebook page!

 happy monday sweet friends!
here's to a good week, yes?

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