Friday, August 26, 2011

pomegranate granola french toast

happy friday
oh, and what a happy friday it is!
today my girlfriends and i are off for our annual trip today
so that means a half day of work!

i hated saying goodbye to taylor and molly this morning
the trio will be apart for a few days, but all is fine
one of taylor's closest friends is in town from san francisco
so in a way, its a guy's weekend for taylor and a girls weekend for me
(those are always so important)
i will miss my b, but sometimes its good to miss your love every once in a while ;)

this morning i made taylor french toast topped with pomegranate granola 
he added the bananas and nutella, of course...
happy weekend my dearest friends
i'll be back on monday with stories to tell and pictures to share


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