Monday, August 15, 2011

housewarming barbeque with the ones we love

sunday was a beautiful day spent with friends celebrating taylor and my late housewarming party.
in the morning i woke up, took an awesome class at equinox with my good pal leila, went all-out at the brentwood farmers maket, and cooked up a storm with her and taylor for all our friends.

i love how leila shares the same enthusiasm as i do in entertaining friends and cooking.
we put together quite the menu that was a big hit

i made peach mojitoes
she made flat bread, grilled pizzas with fontina cheese, one with goat cheese, arugula, figs and a pomegranate spread..
i made a blueberry salad with candied walnuts and fresh spring mix lettuce
she made a fabulous chocolate bundt cake
i made a fuit salad
she made pomegranate marghertias
and taylor did what he does best - prepped and grilled sausage links and chicken and shrimp kebabs on a charcoal bbq.
and let me say, about 95% of all the food was fresh from the farmers market

we all had an a blast and it was great to spend it with friends and family.

thank you to all that were able to make it out
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xx and oo's

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