Tuesday, August 30, 2011

girls weekend in palm springs

this past weekend my girlfriends and i spent the weekend in palm springs
it was a scorcher!!
but with 3 full days of pandora, good food, a pool, air conditioning and lots of drinks
we hadn't a care in the world!

we rented out a house and pretty much stayed there the whole time
we laughed good laughs and even cried good cries together

i am lucky to have such beautiful women in my life that i can call my besties
we have all known each other for years
we grew up together
we did cheerleading in high school together
we went through break ups, family problems, engagements, prom, you name it!
...all together

it was a wonderful time
and a sweet reminder to keep these dear memories of our youth alive forever

heather, davana, april, jess, ashley and rachel
you all hold a special place in my heart

.... exhhaaaccctttlllyyyyyy


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