Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fish tacos and good company

last night leila and carleigh had taylor and i over for some homemade fish tacos
everything leila makes is nothing short of amazing
we had homemade guacamole, tilapia fish tacos with homemade pickled onions and all the fresh fixings that go with the quintessential, healthy fish taco meal.
its nice to have such a lovely neighbor that literally lives about twenty steps across the alley
 ...someone to borrow sugar from, and same for her

we've been spoiled the past couple of days with some good leila cookin'
so its time for a little break (just a little one) before we get too used to it 
but we have a tentative ice-cream making date in the near future.
can. not. wait.

hope you are all having a wonderful week so far
i can't believe its mid-august.
where is the time going?

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  1. yay!! Just saw this! you make the food look so amazing!