Tuesday, August 9, 2011

pickathon + portland

sorry i've been away the past few days
 taylor and i spent a three-day weekend up in portland, oregon.
it was a much needed vacation for the two of us, as we both had a couple of crazy work weeks
and i was dealing with some personal, family issues

to plant a new home deep in the oregon forest for a few days and to walk barefoot on an 80 acre farm just outside of portland, was freeing and good for my soul.
its too easy for me to get wrapped up in whats going on remotely around me.
i forget the world is so huge and my issues are so minuscule compared to other people's problems.
but its all easier said than done. sometimes it takes getting away to realize how good i have it at home.
although, i am on a "lets move to portland!" kick

here's a bit from our trip
i must say this is one of the better trips taylor and i had together
we joined forces with his sister, carissa, and a few of her friends and enjoyed amazing indie roots music, great food, beautiful weather, and breathtaking scenery.
i can't wait until next year!

we also spent some time in portland city
we visited the hoyt arboretum, downtown, and bbq'd and carissa's friend ryan's house before jet setting back to LAX

check out more pictures from the trip on my facebook:

happy tuesday!

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