Monday, August 22, 2011

the weekend is like a mini-vacation

what a beautiful and relaxing weekend it was
much too short.. 
but amazing

woke up early sunday morning and went to the gym with davana, taylor and leila
took an amazing class (that kicked our butts!),
went to the brentwood farmers market
wandered around 3rd street for a bit until davana had to go to work
cleaned up around the house
and then taylor and i vegged out from 5pm onward watching harry potter
i couldn't have asked for a better sunday
every time we go to third street taylor has to stop by dwr to stare at le corbusier's famous 
with a sticker price of $3,600!

he's on one right now... searching craigslist for that steal deal.
who knows, maybe he'll find his dream lc4!
happy monday!

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