Wednesday, July 27, 2011

peanut butter waffles with banana and almonds

i've barely seen taylor at all this week
poor guy, he's on a crazy deadline at work and has been working ridiculous hours
by the time he comes home, im deep in my REM cycle!

monday he worked until 11:30 at night
and tuesday he worked until 1:00 am! yeah, no joke!
and he has two more long nights, tonight and tomorrow.

i admire his patience and calmness about everything
trust me, if the tables were turned and it were me coming home that late, oh boy you'd hear an earful
but he takes it for what it is and greats me in bed with a smile and a kiss to the forehead.
we say our good nights and i love yous (we never go to bed without saying both)
and pass out

that said, i felt waffles with his favourites was well warranted 
so i made him peanut butter waffles with banana and almonds
i conjured up the waffle batter and added 2 heaping tablespoons of creamy, organic peanut butter
then, i let it cook in the waffle iron for about 3 mins 
and topped it off with half a banana and chopped almonds.

i brought him breakfast in bed because it was well deserved
...waffles, a glass of milk, maple syrup and his vitamins
a good way to start a long day if you ask me!

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  1. Wow, I wish someone would bring me peanut butter waffles in bed! If i had a waffle iron i'd be rushing off to make these right now!