Friday, July 8, 2011

razzamatazz and french my friday!

ahh its friday and what good news that is!
this morning taylor actually made his own french toast with my assistance.
it didn't look as pretty as i make it, but he assured me it was deeelish!
and i can't lie, it sure smelled like it too
i supplied the "razzamatazz" and he did the french toast squares with chocolate chips

i had fun playin around with photoshop this morning.
i accidentally blew out one of my pictures (the middle one) wayyy too much
and then i "accidentally" did it to the other ones too
but i liked the effect so it stays

happy friday
go out and enjoy this so-cal weather
...and if you're not in  sunny so-cal
enjoy the weather wherever you are, whatever it may be because its a free gift from You Know Who
as a hobo on the muni bus in san francisco reminded me
"the best things in life are free, my friend. the best things in life are free..."

life is beautiful
xx + oo

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