Thursday, July 14, 2011

one week

exactly one week and i will be free of this pesky cast!
my hand feels so much better
i can make a fist, i can wiggle my fingers, i can even open drawers again

here are a few things that i've missed and look forward to in a week:
1) showering instead of having to wash my hair in a bathtub
2)...showering with two hands and being able to hold the shampoo/conditioner bottles
3) using a knife properly to cut fruit, etc.
5) washing my own dishes
6) being able to write
7) going to the beach 
8) going back to the gym
9) sleeping comfortably
10) being able to hold my camera properly
11) brushing my teeth
12) washing my face at night without worrying about getting my cast wet

...gosh, i could probably come up with 50+ reasons, but i'll stop here.

i guess you take for granted the simple everyday tasks we can do so effortlessly with two hands.
be grateful for the little things

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