Wednesday, July 6, 2011

san francisco weekender

hey. hi. hello.
sorry i've been on hiatus for the past few days.
but not to worry, because i'm back!

taylor and i spent the three day weekend up in san francisco visiting with old friends and enjoying the north-bay weather. it was fun to be on the road again with my love. just me, him, the saab, and an open highway.
we got up in good time, considering holiday traffic and did what we do best - wandered the city, took pictures of everything, ate, drank, and were very very merry.

here's a snippet of the the fun we had. 
we found a hidden coffee shop "blue bottle" that we loved, went to golden gate park, went to the california academy of sciences and saw lots of fishies, ate at lots of different [and incredibly yummy] restaurants, had fun with friends, went to the ferry plaza for the farmer's market, had a little tea ceremony between the two of us, and shopped!

unfortunately we missed out on fireworks this year.
we were soo tired when we got back [...and that is an understatement].
but heres the cute story...
taylor could tell i was disappointed about missing the fireworks (the 4th is one of my favorite holidays)
so when i went out to move my car, he came out after me, pulled up his car and told me to get in.
we drove around looking for fireworks in the area, and although we could hear them everywhere we couldn't find them.
i didn't mind so much, i just loved his attempt to make me happy on my favorite summer holiday.

i hope you got to celebrate your stars and stripes this past weekend.
yippee, for it being wednesday already!

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