Sunday, July 10, 2011

honey cures

a few days ago, i stumbled upon an article that suggested a couple teaspoons of local, raw honey a day can help prevent and even get rid of those pesky springtime allergies.
taylor has a plethora of allergies that he suffers from daily. from eczema to hay fever, the poor guy has gone through about 10 boxes of tissues and has tried all the special lotions you could imagine just to relieve his vexing allergy symptoms.

the theory suggests that two to three teaspoons of honey a day works similar to a vaccination. daily exposure to a small amount of an allergen can desensitize the body allowing you to better resist it. so it makes sense, right? the bees collect pollen from the local plants, and small amounts of it are transferred to their honey. when you ingest this honey in small amounts, it works like a series of allergy shots, by slowly building up your tolerance to the allergen, and decreasing your allergy symptoms. 

after researching online, i found tons of positive testimonies,
so today tay and i picked up some local, raw honey and put are putting this theory to the test.
crossing our fingers it actually works!

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