Friday, July 22, 2011

gettin' a pup!

ok ok ok, its friday, i know
and i should post about french toast
but it didnt happen today...

so how about this
what if i post, "french bull dog friday"?
does that work for ya?

i'm gettin a new pup!
uh huh, thats right, you heard it....
look at this face!
last night taylor and i went to the montana ave. art walk in santa monica
we almost didn't go because it was getting late, but boy am i happy we did
we were walking near 11th street when i saw a lady holding the cutest little frenchie, "mimi", in front of a boutique pet shop "to wag for"

mimi ran to me and i ran to her
the lady said that someone had just come by the store and dropped her off
the previous owner was "psychotic" (her words, not mine) and decided she didn't like the mimi
the lady told taylor and i that if we knew of anyone looking for a new pet to have them come to the store.
i said, "oh no, pleeease don't tell me that"

as most of you know, i've been wanting a french bull dog for a long time now
but i believe in rescuing dogs, not buying them, and french bull dogs are hard to find as rescues.

mimi and i had an instant connection that i can't even begin to explain.
the poor girl is so skinny you can see her ribs,
but she is a lover and i'll be sure to restore her back to perfect health

as we walked away, my heart was melting - like it literally hurt!
my stomach was in knots because i knew taylor didn't want a dog
i told him we had to go back, and we did, and my heart melted some more

after a long sleepless night, taylor and i talked this morning
long story short, he gave me the okay, so you know what i did?
i waited for him to get in the shower, ran outside, and started screaming with excitement
then i called my mom and told her the good news
.... and then she screamed with excitement
i emailed my work that i'd be a little late, hopped in my mini and drove to the little pet shop on montana and waited for them to open
with jitters, i filled out the application as fast as i could. then i went to the back to see my little mimi.

i couldn't leave. i took so many pictures and this little girl knows how to pose!
we're perfect for each other and i hope hope hope hope that my application is approved and i can take her home.

this was her little face when i left
she was whimpering
ugh the face!!
and by the way, i'm changing her name to "molly may" 
she's too precious to be named mimi!

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