Monday, July 25, 2011

saturday bbq in the sun

this past saturday
a bunch of old friends got together to celebrate davana's 24th birhday.
we ate, drank, played "apples to apples", soccer, football, listened to music
all day long and enjoyed each other's company and the sun.
 we all had a little something to celebrate. april - getting her new apartment approved all on her own, davana - her birthday, me - getting my cast off and getting a raise at work, lisa - newly single and happy, ashley - 3 yr anniversary with her beau comin up AND moving in with him soon, anna - getting into nursing school
...and lil' molly got to meet all her new friends at the park
she was so good and was as happy as a lark!

all in all life is grand
oh to be 24 years young forever!

i have more party pictures on my facebook:

hope you all had a happy weekend


  1. Dear Chelsea,

    The girl with the most creative and loving heart. Thank you for an amazing birthday celebration, there wouldn't have been one this year if it wasn't for you. Thank you Chi, thank you April, thank you Eddy and Taylor. Thanks to everyone who came. It was JUST what I dreamed for this 24th birthday.

  2. know that you are loved ms. davana may! :)

  3. Friends! I'm so sad I couldn't make it! Happy Birthday Vanie Baby. Cheers to 24 more years of love, life and happiness.