Friday, July 1, 2011

fabulous food friday

so its friday, which means french toast, and its here, but i couldn't not post about the burgers taylor and i made last night too

so to start, get ready for mouth-watering yumminess
brace yourselves... they're enticing!

last night tay and i made b.b.q., blue cheese burgers with arugula, sliced tomato, and grilled onions
along with...
[our favourite] sweet potato french fries
and now what you've all been waiting for...
french toast fridays!

since last week i made little squares of french toast, i decided to mix it up this week and try for triangle-shaped "frenchies". so, i made traditional french toast with framer's market organic strawberries, bananas and sliced almonds topped with whipped cream and hot maple syrup (which tasted much like hot caramel)
i'm sure you can imagine how delightful it was.

we'll be off to san francisco for the fourth of july weekend
i hope you all have a safe and happy one
happy birthday u.s.a.!

xx and oo's (but more x's than o's)

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