Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunday and farmers market

as we do every sunday,
taylor and i went to the brentwood farmer's market to stock up on our produce for the week. we went to our favorite lady that sells organic blueberries (she even looks like a blueberry!), bought strawberries that literally taste better than candy, picked up some organic eggs (the yolks are a beautiful orange), asparagus (thin like we like it), sashimi grade yellow tail (uh, yeah enough said), apricots, tomatoes, cucumber, pluots, sweet corn, wow... we did alright today! and some how kept it all within 40 bucks.

heres a little taste of what we brought home.

nothing gives me better joy than to fill up our fruit and veggie basket on a sunday afternoon.
i was happy to see everyone out at the local market, despite "carmagedon"...
which ended up being uneventful, but thats okay with me!

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