Friday, June 24, 2011

apple cinnamon french toast

work has been keeping me real busy this week; its been hard to find time to post
but i can always find time for a french toast friday post!
this morning i made taylor 
bite-sized french toast with cinnamon apple with chopped walnuts
 what you will need for french toast and topping:
half apple thinly sliced
two loaves bread, cut into fours
two tablespoons milk
two eggs
a pinch all-purpose flour
two pinches brown sugar
one teaspoon vanilla extract
tablespoon butter
half cup water
handful chopped walnuts.

let me start by saying i don't have exact measurements of any of the ingredients. a pinch here, a pinch there... i kind of eyeball everything so be ware when following this recipe.

french toast:
1.) chop each loaf of bread into quarters
2.) mix together, cinnamon, all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and brown sugar.
3.) dip each bread square into the mixture and saturate each side for at least one minute.
4.) add soaked bread to a greased saute pan at medium heat.
5.) flip bread pieces every so often until both sides are golden brown
6.) remove from heat.

apple topping:
1.) melt butter into small pan over medium heat
2.) add thinly sliced apple pieces, dash of cinnamon, water, dash of brown sugar
3.) heat for about 5-7minutes, stirring occasionally.
4.) remove from heat
5.) plate the french toast and pour apple topping over the top, including all the juices (makes for a great syrup!)

lastly, add chopped walnuts and whipped cream

...and viola!

happy friday
enjoy the beautiful weekend to come!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful recipe and I am going to try it out at the nearest possible date!!

    Great blog!! I am your newest follower!!