Thursday, June 30, 2011

camera therapy with a little guitar and a tamale

work has been real crazy lately, and it started to wear on me last night. (i'm sure you got the vibe from my latest post). i had a terribly rough day yesterday from people i work with and from clients and i just about crashed as soon as i got home. taylor could tell i was a little down, so to brighten my spirits he picked up his guitar and followed me around playing me his improvised blues. at first i didn't want to be bothered, but he was so cute and i couldn't help but laugh at his silly attempt to cheer me up.
so i picked up my camera and started following him around everywhere. its these little moments that i want to remember forever; moments when taylor makes me me laugh when i'm down, moments of feeling young, moments of being madly in love...

we heated up some chicken tamale left-overs from the local grocer and life felt right and normal again. only my camera, taylor, a guitar and a delicious tamale can turn a "not-so-good" day, into a good one.
i have to pinch myself sometimes because i can't believe how lucky i am to get to share my life with such an incredible person. 

have a lovely afternoon my dear friends


  1. Just found your blog!

    Love this post - it's those little things, isn't it? That's why we love them!

  2. thank you for the nice comment, emma. i dig your blog too ;)

    ...and yes, that is why we love 'em