Friday, June 17, 2011

pizza, scotch, and a little get-well cake

last night celine came over to keep me company after work
on the way home, taylor picked up papa john's and we devoured it in minutes, while having serious conversations about who-knows-what.
and then the scotch came out...
and the nintendo wii shortly after.
taylor was happy to have someone play him in boxing. i never play because i get frustrated and always lose (i hate losing!)
tay played some tunes on the guitar, davana came over she got off work...
and celine brought out a cheery chocolate cake that she brought me as a little get-well present.
and it made us all pretty cheery!
thank you to all my friends and family for your kind words and love over the past days.
i'm in much better spirits and my body doesn't ache too much anymore.
you all bring me such happiness and make this whole mess of a situation just that much more bearable
i couldn't do it without ya!

happy friday!

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