Friday, June 17, 2011

the news keeps getting better

i woke up bright and early this morning to get my cast today.
well let me rephrase, i woke up rainy and early...
i was a little nervous because i could see how swollen my hand was underneath my splint 
it seemed it was actually getting worse!
i said a little prayer that all would go well and that i wouldn't need surgery
and guess what?


the nurse cut off the splint that the e.r. doctor had put on me the day of the accident
i was a little squeamish and the site of my hand. it looked like a lolly-pop: 
a skinny arm and a ballooned-hand.
the doctor showed me my x-rays once again and explained to me how the bones will heal and what i should be aware of in the weeks to come. you can see where my bones broke (i circled 'em in orange for ya)
then came the casting, which i thought was pretty cool. it is in some ways like sculpting. kudos to the orthopedic technician for doing an awesome job.

the news was good:
 the doctor said i was pretty lucky that my breaks were not displaced and pretty well aligned, therefore surgery is not necessary. he also said that i'd only need a cast for 4 weeks, not 6 weeks (yippee!). lastly, he encouraged me to work on flexing my fingers on my right hand each day until i can straightened them and to practice making a fist. i was so excited by this news because i thought i wasn't allowed to move my phalanges at all.

the only bad news is that i'm legally not allowed to drive. according to california law, i'm considered "driving impaired". good thing i moved out and can walk to work. i don't know what i'd do if i was still commuting from the valley. i guess things just happen in the right order.

here are some pics of my other scrapes and cuts...
i also have a huge scrape on my stomach but i didn't want to show a picture incase you'd feel bad after seeing my washboard abs
(hah, i wish!) 

i'm much less achy today and my face isn't so swollen anymore. i'm just terribly tired as i haven't had much sleep in the past 3 days. 

anyhoo, i treated myself to a chai latte from caffe luxxe after my hospital visit...
because i deserved it, gosh-darnit!
and it was extra, extra yummy today too.

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