Wednesday, June 29, 2011

self mantra

something i had to write to get me through today... 
thought i'd share incase theres someone out there that might need it too

life is too short to "take it personal" from people who aren't so nice. i'm sorry but being considerate and understanding is not that hard to do. maybe i just need to "toughen up", but i truly believe that no matter how busy i am, a thank you takes two seconds and  please less than that. it baffles me how rude, short and unappreciative some people are in the field in which i work. it really wears me down sometimes, but i've made a promise to myself that for however long i work in the creative advertising industry, i will always have time to listen, i will always have time to answer questions, i will never make someone feel stupid for asking a question, i will always say please and thank you (and always with sincerity), and i will always smile. its crazy far a smile can go (they're actually contagious!)

...and just because everyone around me gets stressed and flustered, it doesn't mean i have to too. its all about my attitude that can make this sometimes chaotic job, just a little easier. i am only one person and there is only so much this little gal can do at one time. please forgive me for not being perfect. 

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