Monday, June 6, 2011

cinespia of fun!

its monday again, which means another great weekend has passed by. 
what  wonderful summer this is starting out to be.
saturday night was spent with dear friends at the 3rd cinespia of the season
my favorite 1972, black-comedy, "harold and maude" was playing
(a throwback to senior year of high school for davana and me).
yet again, we drank, we ate (a lot), we laughed, and reminisced about times in high school - specifically about homeroom and our 70's obsessed teacher who made us listen to the beatles and watch old, classic 70's films, including harold and maude.
it was april's first cinespia (ever!) and i think we already have her hooked.
she's already planning her upcoming saturday evenings to come back.
a fabulous night, complimenting a fabulous weekend
happy monday, only 15 days until the official start of summer!

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