Thursday, June 2, 2011

for the love of walnut!

yesterday i came home to 10 huge pieces of walnut in the living room.
taylor has many projects in the works including shelves for our coffee table and a credenza for under the window.
he's been spending hours each night designing and rendering and i think he's finally found his final design (its awesome!)
he's been updating me through the process and i must say, i'm pretty excited. 

perhaps he's so good because he truly loves each piece of wood. 
he's a real sam maloof in the making. he's always showing me the little details in each piece and explains with genuine fervor how the tree was cut, its rarity, or anything else he finds interesting about it.

all his furniture is made with true passion

heres a little snippet of how much he loves his new walnut pieces. i found him laying on top of it last night as i was baking his cookies!

check out his blog: and website:

he's just updated with the completed concrete sofa!

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